The name of the song is “I Read My Phone” It was written right here in Buffalo NY and it was produced here in the 716 by Tom Mayers.


NOTE: This song can be purchased on ITunes –  PLEASE SEARCH ITUNES   FOR THE SONG NAME  “I READ MY PHONE” , the album name is “Live and Let Live”, the Artist/Band goes by the name  of This Song’s for You,     Download and Enjoy on iTunes!

The Performers :  Tom Mayers and John Swanson have been friends and fellow musicians for more than 30 years, starting back in the ’70s when John joined Tom’s band on bass. The band Rotary Bed enjoyed considerable success as an “always-booked” Top-40 group in Western New York, particularly in Lockport and Olcott, and has continued to the present day as Jonesie and The Cruisers. They feature a Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Guitarist on this cut, his  name is Jack Civiletto.

Tom and John kept in contact over the years, and became co-writer/producers/performers of original music. The friendships and collaborative efforts of all the fine people that have come together over the years, have endured the test of time.









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